Plain Gauze Swabs

Gauze Swabs

Manufactured to BP and EN 14079 standards, these swabs are made from 100% cotton and are ideal for use in skin cleaning, wound debridement and as a component in dressing packs.

Available in white, blue and green, in a variety of sizes and plys, all packaged either appropriately for sterile use (single and double wrapped) or non sterile.

Product Detail Examples

Description and Size Product Code Case Qty (Packs of 5)
5cm x 5cm (8ply) 21481 300
5cm x 5cm (12ply) 28790 360
7.5cm x 7.5cm (12ply) 21480 240
10cm x 10cm (8ply) 28385 180
10cm x 10cm (12ply) in packs of 2 28384 300
10cm x 10cm (12ply) (Green) 28365 120
10cm x 10cm (12ply) 28116 120
10cm x 10cm (12ply) 28386 150
10cm x 10cm (12ply) (Blue) 28919 150
10cm x 10cm (16ply) 22451 240
10cm x 10cm (16ply)  20967 432
10cm x 10cm (32ply) (Blue) 28918 72




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