Proxima™ Gowns

Proxima gowns

Synergy Health distribute the Proxima™ range of single use surgical drapes and gowns from Medline. Available in four materials – Aurora™, Eclipse®, SMS™ and Prevention™.

The Aurora™ range of gowns is made with Suprel™ medical fabric from Dupont™ offering an unbeatable combination of protection and comfort. Aurora™ gowns have a smooth texture that glides easily without catching or grabbing, allowing incredible freedom of movement. These gowns are available in various sizes and protection levels including non-reinforced, fabric reinforced and poly reinforced

Eclipse® gowns have a soft, cloth like texture and are made with breathable Softesse™ medical fabric from Dupont™. The fabric features advanced medical technology that provides a splash resistant barrier that is breathable, helping to keep you cool and comfortable while you work. Eclipse® gowns are available in various sizes and protection levels including non-reinforced, fabric reinforced and poly reinforced.

Prevention™ gowns offer the highest level of protection whilst providing increased breathability and comfort. Based on microporous film technology, Prevention™ gowns “breathe,” allowing moisture vapour to escape while preventing transmission of fluids. These gowns feature sonically-sealed seams (rather than stitched) to prevent strike through where the seams are joined to the body of the gown.

Our SMS™ gowns utilise four layers of fabric to provide a high level of fluid repellency helping to provide a barrier to blood, body fluids and pathogens. They are also strong and low linting which minimises the risk of introducing particles into the operating room.

All Proxima™ gowns are cut wider in the chest and sleeve for a better fit. The gowns feature an adjustable style Velcro neck closure to allow the neck line to easily adjust to a wide variety of sizes. This also helps to prevent gaping at the front which serves as additional protection against fluids.

Our gowns have sleeves which are bonded or sonically sealed instead of stitched.

The length of the Proxima™ surgical gowns is measured from centre front neckline.

All gowns are available in five sizes: small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large. In three versions we offer non-reinforced, fabric re-inforced and poly re-inforced.



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