Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Healthcare facilities generate approximately 2.4 million tons of waste annually in the United States.  Synergy Health is dedicated to helping hospitals change many of their disposable surgical supplies to a reusable alternative.  We provide surgical products such as surgical gowns, towels, back table covers, mayo stand covers and stainless steel components to hospitals and surgery centres.  When a hospital moves to reusable supplies it can drastically reduce the amount of disposable waste coming from the operating theatre.  Since 2000, our customers have reduced their surgical waste by over 1.5 million lbs which would have otherwise gone to landfill.
As a business we are also dedicated to greening our processes.  Our reprocessing facilities are designed with the environment in mind in order to ensure that we are minimising our impact on the local community  We take into consideration the importance of:

  • Efficient water management
  • Energy saving strategies
  • Environmentally friendly chemicals
  • A sterilisation approach which continues to be the gold standard and is the least harmful to humans and the environment

Synergy Health is a member of Practice GreenHealth and has won a number of awards due to our commitment to reducing the impact we have on the environment.

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