Seal Check™ Validation Device

Seal Check

Seal Check™ is a unique product that provides a permanent record of the sealing efficiency of heat seal machines. This cost effective daily record is used to demonstrate that regular performance testing is undertaken in accordance with quality procedures.

Simple to use:

  1. Record details on the bottom of the Seal Check™ and place it inside a flat pouch (black screen visible) with the top end of the Seal Check™ level with the top of the pouch

  2. Seal the pouch with the heat seal machine at the correct working temperature. The black screen where the pouch has been sealed should be uniform and show no irregularities

  • Black background screen ink - provides clear and visible results

  • Convenient size - easy to store as permanent daily record

  • Straight forward instructions - easy for all staff to use at the start of the day

Product Information

Description Product Code Case Qty
Seal Check™ - daily record of heat seal machine performance 93074 250




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