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Synergy Health provides a wide range of consumable items for Sterile Service Departments including; wrapping materials, medical sterilisation packaging, sterilisation monitoring products, trayliners, heatsealers and seal check validation device.

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Azo traywrap

Azo Resist™ and Azo Protek Plus™ tray wrapping materials have been widely used in the UK market for the past 10 years.. Compliant with EN ISO 11607 part 1, users are reassured that their trays are being prepared in-line with the latest standards. Azo Resist™ is a tightly bonded, lint free nonwoven...

Sterilisation packaging

Packaging is one of the most important processes in the preparation of sterile goods.  The pouch or bag must safely contain and protect its contents from deterioration, damage and contamination and should not itself contribute to product contamination. Synergy Health is the sole UK distributor of...

Bowie and Dick Test Pack

Synergy Health provide a range of sterilisation monitoring devices that help departments perform the test required to ensure that the sterilisation units they use perform the way they should. Azo™ Bowie & Dick type Test Pack overcomes a number of indicator related problems. The new non-toxic...


Synergy Health supply three alternatives for all SSD requirements and budgets: Economy Crepe Trayliners - for cost effectiveness Economy Trayliners - soft, lightly absorbent Trayliners Theatre Trayliners - padded, highly absorbent Trayliners A full range of sizes are available

HAWO Heatsealer

Packaging is one of the most important processes in the preparation of sterile goods. The packaging, and therefore the validation of the packaging process is crucial for guaranteeing sterility up to the point of use and for meeting quality standards. Manufactured to the highest quality HAWO rotary...

Seal Check

Seal Check™ is a unique product that provides a permanent record of the sealing efficiency of heat seal machines. This cost effective daily record is used to demonstrate that regular performance testing is undertaken in accordance with quality procedures. Simple to use: Record details on the...



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