Sterilisation Monitoring Products

Bowie and Dick Test Pack

Synergy Health provide a range of sterilisation monitoring devices that help departments perform the test required to ensure that the sterilisation units they use perform the way they should.

Azo™ Bowie & Dick type Test Pack overcomes a number of indicator related problems. The new non-toxic ink technology, based on 6 components, allows for a more accurate and to the point response on the indicator sheet. Emulating indicators are also available which allow the detection of problems in packing or loading and comply with ISO 11140-1 (class 6) and EN 867-1.

Sterilisation / Autoclave and masking tapes in buff or blue complete the range of monitoring products.

  • Unique ink technology - test sheet will not dull or fade and provides a permanent record

  • Laminated test sheet and indicator strips - prevents staining on filter material and components

  • Validated batchwise by independent laboratory - secure in that the product performs to the requirements of current standards

  • Meets EN 867-1 (class B+D), EN 867-4, ISO 11140-1 (class 2+4) and ISO 11140-4.



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