Sterile Services Expert

Sterile Services Expert

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Sterile services are one of the most important core services to healthcare providers and the quality of this service directly affects patient outcome. The service also influences the economic efficiency of operating theatres, wards, clinics and practices. For these reasons Synergy has focused on developing improved operating systems that have raised quality and process control to a new level.

Synergy provides an all-inclusive service with elements such as:

  • Fully compliant processing of surgical instruments for safe reuse
  • Innovative, bespoke IT systems for product tracking and traceability using the SynergyTrak™ suite of applications, including the web portal
  • Bespoke logistics solution
  • A turnaround time that meets clinical requirements, including the option of a quicker Fast Track service
  • A managed transition to make sure the sterile service starts without any disruption to patient services
  • Packaging and labelling that comply with all relevant quality standards and identify the contents of the set and the destination it is going to

Synergy’s Hospital Sterilisation Services are tailored to individual client requirements and circumstances. Several service options are provided, including:

  • Processing surgical instruments away from client site(s) in a sterile services unit
  • The operation, with full or partial risk transfer, of a sterile service facility located on a client site
  • Management of a client owned sterile services unit
  • Synergy manages the logistics and can be extended to the management of on-site distribution.

Regardless of the type of service, Synergy can provide:

  • All of the capital for redesigning and upgrading a facility to European standards
  • The unit design to meet the equipment, engineering and workflow requirements
  • Provide the operating and quality systems necessary to achieve MDD compliance
  • The information technology system and training to achieve the quality and productivity standards required by the customer
  • Upon completion of a new or rebuilt department, CE certification under the Medical Devices Directive. Synergy Health can assist to achieve accreditation within two weeks of unit opening.

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