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The Ultimate Standard in Instrument Management Software
Synergy’s TrakStar™ software system manages the tracking and traceability throughout the cycle of reusable instrument disinfection and sterilisation. The system helps improve patient safety by underpinning rigorous process and risk controls and providing a robust audit trail. The system also enables us to deliver excellent customer service and satisfaction and helps improve the efficiency and productivity of our sterile service facilities.
Individual instruments and trays of instruments are uniquely bar-coded using 1 and 2 dimensional barcodes. Synergy Health has been instrumental in implementing the GS1 standard which is used to ensure that these identifiers are globally unique and helps improve inventory management and traceability. TrakStar™ gives full visibility and comprehensive audit trail throughout the whole of the turnaround cycle, from collection at the point of use, through logistics, receipt into the SSD, cleaning and disinfection, inspection, assembly and packing, sterilisation, product release and delivery back to the customer.
TrakStar™ is able to offer Synergy customers one of the most powerful, flexible and complete software solutions available. Our web portal provides customers with direct real time tracking and traceability and inventory management, on-line reporting of management information and KPIs, and electronic workflow tools providing efficient and effective communication for service requests and change control.
Our on-going commitment to exclusively develop TrakStar™ for Synergy Health and its customer’s, means that new benefits and improvements are being realised with every release. Our internal development team have the capability, business knowledge and flexibility to rapidly develop and deploy new functionality to meet customers evolving requirements and to introduce new innovations that can improve service, productivity and reduce risk.



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