Ultracloth™ Dry Patient Cleansing Wipes


The Ultracloth™ range of dry patient cleansing wipes are suitable for a wide range of applications. Soft, absorbent, strong, Maceratable and flushable, there is a wipe to address every need.

We recommend to use both Conti™ and Ultracloth™ wipes alongside Clinisan™ Emollient Skin Cleansing Foam for a full continence care solution. Click here for further details.

Ultracloth™ Flushmee

Ultracloth™ Flushmee has been developed as a flushable and macerator-friendly wipe that ends the problem of blocked drains. Effective both dry and wet, Ultracloth™ Flushmee is ideal for more demanding patient cleansing needs, Capable of absorbing many times its own weight.

Description Wipe Size Pack Qty Case Qty Code  
UltraCloth® Flushmee™ Wipes 33 x 29cm 50 36 RSC567


Ultracloth™ Velvet Wipes

Ultracloth™ Velvet has an enhanced blend of absorbent fibres and is suitable for everyday patient cleansing needs. Large and absorbent with a soft 'textile' feel, Ultracloth™ Velvet is gentle enough for sensitive ski

Description Wipe Size Pack Qty Case Qty Code  
Ultracloth™ Velvet Wipes 33 x 33cm 100 30 RSC303  




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