We can save you money on your sterilisation services

We can save you money on your sterilisation services

Would you like guaranteed operating cost savings? Plus, have access to world leading technologies and a full risk transfer?

Synergy Health has been providing hospital sterilisation services for over 18 years, and we operate more sterile service facilities than any other commercial provider in the UK. We deliver our high quality service to over 100 healthcare providers, and your organisation too can join this growing group of customers.

Using our experience and scale we are now able to guarantee a saving on your validated operating costs (1). In addition, your operating theatre will have access to the latest technologies, including ground-breaking RFID solutions that bring the following benefits:

  • Track & tracing at individual instrument level
  • Pre and post-operative bulk counting of instruments, resulting in:
    • Increased staff efficiency
    • Potential for increased case throughput
  • Improved instrument inventory management, including instrument utilisation data and prevention of lost instruments
  • Improved patient safety, assisting with the prevention of “never events”

We can also front-load the savings to assist with immediate CIP challenges (2)

Here are some examples of the savings your organisation could make when outsourcing your hospital sterile services to Synergy Health:

Indicative Saving Level achievable for an average sized NHS Trust

Year NHS Cost Synergy Price Saving
1 £800,000 £640,000 £160,000
2 £800,000 £640,000 £160,000
3 £800,000 £640,000 £160,000
4 £800,000 £640,000 £160,000
5 £800,000 £640,000 £160,000
Total £4,000,000 £3,200,000 £800,000

For the same average sized NHS Trust we can load much of the savings into the first year (or two years – it’s your choice). The overall savings available are adjusted only to cover the cost of working capital.

Year NHS Cost Synergy Price Saving
1 £800,000 £500,000 £300,000
2 £800,000 £500,000 £300,000
3 £800,000 £754,799 £45,201
4 £800,000 £754,799 £45,201
5 £800,000 £754,799 £45,201
Total £4,000,000 £3,264,398 £735,602

Contact us now to find out how we can deliver these savings to your organisation. Any questions on how our cost savings programme works? Click here (FAQ)

Call us on: 01332 387100. Email us on: hss@synergyhealthplc.com


(1) Savings based on an assumption that current costs are fully validated and that the Synergy Health service is established on a like-for-like basis. 

(2) Front-loading enables the achievement of very large savings loaded into the first year or two. With correspondingly lower savings in the later years. 


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