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Comfi tubular bandages

Synergy Health has over 10 years of experience in wound care, delivering cost effective solutions to the healthcare market through our range of Comfi™ tubular bandages and advanced wound care solutions.

The Comfi™ range of tubular bandages, garments and hosiery are manufactured in the UK, offering a comprehensive product range suitable for dressing retention, dermatological skin conditions and managing venous disease.

Visit the Comfi™ Range website for more information on dressing retention, wet and dry wrapping of atopic eczema and other conditions. 


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Comfifast Tubular Bandages

Comfifast™ tubular bandages are a range of colour coded bandages developed and produced using light and breathable fabrics.  Comfifast™ offers single stretch in the radial direction and is the standard product of choice for dressing retention and for wet and dry wrapping in the treatment of atopic...

Comfifast Easywrap Garments

The Comfifast™ Easywrap™ Garments range has been developed to help support the treatment of atopic eczema, skin covering when using steroids, heavy emollients or ointments and for dressing retention e.g. burns patients or post surgery. A full range of garments are available to fit all areas of the...

Comfifast MultiStretch Tubular Bandages

Comfifast™ MultiStretch™ tubular bandages have been developed using MultiStretch™ technology; enabling the bandage to stretch in multiple directions - radial, longitudinal and diagonal, designed to provide complete freedom of movement and enhance patient comfort. Comfifast™ MultiStretch™ is...

Comfigrip Tubular Bandages

A range of elasticated tubular bandages developed for light support for muscle strains, sprains and joints.  Comfigrip™ is comfortable to wear allowing complete freedom of movement, offered in a wide range of sizes to fit all areas of the body, washable and reusable for durable wearing.  Comfigrip...


Designed to treat and manage venous disease, the Comfipression™ system is ideal for people whose healthcare professional has given them the option of wearing the leg ulcer kit in place of traditional compression bandages.  Comfipression™ Hosiery Kits 2-piece compression hosiery kit containing...

Comfinette, tube and gauz

Comfinette™, Comfitube™ and Comfigauz™ are a range of cost effective tubular bandages ideal for dressing retention.  Available in 8 widths to fit all areas of the body, the range is suitable for use on fingers and toes to adult trunks. Comfigauz™ - Made from 100% bleached cotton, ideal for use...



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