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dinsdag, 29 juli, 2014
dinsdag, 29 juli, 2014
Irradiation technology has been utilised by various markets for many years, X-ray is the newest addition to the irradiation family. Whilst X-ray as a technology has been around for many years, its advantageous application in the sterilisation of healthcare products
(as offered by Synergy Health) is a recent development. X-ray is a multifaceted technology like Gamma & Beam but offers the benefits of both: enhanced penetration, lower material denaturing effects and improved turnaround.
This webinar will provide a valuable overview of the technology as well as an enhanced understanding of the processes and the markets served.
With over 30 years experience, Synergy Health, a global supplier of outsourced sterilisation services is uniquely positioned to provide an experts’ insight into sterilisation technologies.
Webinar outline:
  • Introduction to X-ray processing
  • Comparison with other processing technologies
  • Processing capabilities
  • Practical aspects and considerations
  • Market segments
  • Economic benefits of X-ray
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