AccuSet – A better way to look at instrument management

AccuSet – A better way to look at instrument management

The AccuSet program is a unique and innovative part of our service offering. This service provides a customized program for hospital and surgery centers which can include:

  • On site processing
  • Processing at the local Synergy Health facility
  • Instrument procurement and repair

We provide a service that gives economic value; quality assurance, regulatory compliance and a customer service to the highest of standards. Sets can be processed at one of our FDA regulated facilities or at the hospital/surgery center.

Economic Value

We procure the instruments to the hospital’s specification which eliminates the need for the hospital/surgery center to purchase new instruments, freeing up capital to spend on other areas of the facility. Future costs can be forecasted and contained through our program fees which include instrument usage, processing fees, instrument maintenance, repair and replacement.

Quality Assurance

Like any healthcare facility, our focus is on patient care, our instrument managers and technicians are highly trained to ensure that each and every instrument receives the required sterilization process and attention to detail to ensure the instrument is ready for use. Our rigorously controlled processes ensure that a thorough cleaning, inspecting and sterilization cycle takes place.

Customer Experience

The AccuSet program helps to alleviate the pressure from the Central Service Department by transferring some of the volume to Synergy Health. Our Account Managers work with our customers to ensure that service and support given meets and exceeds the expectations.

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