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Central Sterile Consulting
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Synergy Health has a wealth of experience in Central Sterile Processing operations with a focus on continuous improvement.
Synergy offers consulting services to help your hospital’s Central Service (CS) Department operate more efficiently. Enhanced processing capabilities result in fluid Operating Room (OR) efficiency, improved patient safety, and staff satisfaction. Capitalizing on years of experience operating CS departments globally, Synergy has the accumulated knowledge to provide your hospital with objective analysis and the guidance necessary to improve your operational efficiencies and service levels.
Our product portfolio consists of solutions directed at best practice, compliance and efficiency in CS operations. Core services consist of the following:

  • Operational Assessments: Consultants will perform an end to end analysis of your CS to include compliance to standards, people, processes and equipment to identify constraints inhibiting instrument flow to the OR
  • Capacity Assessments and Capital Planning: Comparison of CS supply versus OR demand requirements via capacity modeling reveal bottlenecks in your processing system to include equipment and instrumentation availability
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment:  We can support the process of accreditation and/or regulatory compliance of the facility to the relevant standards
  • Staff Optimization:  We ensure that staff are trained appropriately to perform their role within the CS
  • Process Flow Optimization:  Our consultants undertake an extensive review of instrument processing to identify areas of under utilization and targeted improvement opportunities

Clinical Education Programs are also offered to help your staff stay current with evolving requirements in the areas of instrument care, reprocessing and sterilization.

Operational Assessments

Synergy Health’s in depth assessment of the Central Service (CS) Department provides a thorough review and analysis of the current state of processing practices, workflow and compliance to accepted regulatory standards.  Our experienced consultants will conduct an on-site assessment to identify process constraints, evaluate staff proficiency and impediments to success in achieving optimal CS operations.  The output of the assessment process includes a full report on the current state of department operations and recommended actions to achieve process improvements.  In addition to reporting, Synergy is able to provide a full implementation plan to ensure that identified actions are incorporated into the department.

Inventory Management

Across the Synergy Health group we process and manage logistics for in excess of 100 million instruments annually. Our consultants are able to offer inventory analysis leading to improved utilization of existing instrumentation to ensure the most effective use of scarce capital dollars. Synergy has strong relationships with instrument channel partners and can leverage these arrangements to provide both instrument purchasing and repair guidance.


As global experts within the field of instrument processing we work with industry leading publications to share our knowledge and experiences. Please visit our Hospital Sterilisation Services Library and select 'Articles' to see these.

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