Outsourcing : A new way to look at instrument reprocessing

Outsourcing : A new way to look at instrument reprocessing
Off site instrument reprocessing

The concept of outsourcing is not new, in fact we created the outsourcing market for instrument reprocessing in the UK over 10 years ago.  Across the globe we have over 35 reprocessing sites, which are FDA regulated in the United States and process over 100 million instruments per year across the group.

We are able to offer full or partial outsourcing of Central Service departments to hospitals and surgery centers.  We consider the outsourcing of a Central Service department as a partnership between the facility and Synergy Health and over the past 15 years we have helped our customers to benefit from:

  • Improved instrument traceability and asset management
  • Improved Operating Room (OR) turnaround times and reduction in the number of cancelled procedures
  • Decreased number of trays sterilized through Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS)
  • Significant reductions in defect rates

We can offer a partial outsourcing solution where Synergy Health reprocesses specific instruments, or a full outsourcing solution in which Synergy reprocesses all instruments through on-site operations or off site at one of our reprocessing facilities.

All of our service offering are supported by our TrakStar™ instrument track and trace system. To learn more about TrakStar™ please click here

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