Level 3 Enhanced Sleeve Surgical Gown

Level 3 Enhanced Sleeve Surgical Gown

The Level 3 Enhanced Sleeve reusable surgical gown is one of the new gowns offered by Synergy Health:

  • Highly breathable and lightweight fabrics
  • Low linting
  • Anti-static carbon fiber to disperse static electricity
  • 100% continuous filament microfiber polyester fabric
  • Gore Level 3 liquid resistant fabric in reinforced areas
  • Color coded collar to make size identification easier
  • Soft knit cuffs for comfort and easy gloving
  • Available in a full range of sizes (S-XXL)


Offering Superior Barrier Protection:

  • GORE liquid resistant barrier fabric in the lower sleeves
  • Meets AAMI PB70 requirements for Level 3 Barrier Protection



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