ComfiHeal™ Superabsorbent Foam Dressing


ComfiHeal™ is a superabsorbent foam dressing with a silicone adhesive border developed for the management of moderately exuding wounds. ComfiHeal™ has been developed with woundcare professionals and patients in mind to create a superior foam dressing that optimises the wound healing environment whilst offering comfort and security.

ComfiHeal™ consists of 3 layers:

  1. Hydrophillic absorbent polyurethane (PU) foam; disperses fluid to maximise absorption and facilitates water transfer.
  2. Centrally located superabsorbent layer, to absorb and retain fluids in the dressing.
  3. Silicone adhesive border keeps the dressing in place and minimises pain at dressing changes.

The foam dressing features a unique superabsorbent layer which absorbs and retains exudate, removing it from the wound bed and surrounding skin. This superabsorbent layer increases lateral wicking into the PU foam helping to minimise the risk of maceration in both the wound bed and peri-wound area. The PU foam then disperses fluid across the dressing to maximise absorption and enables vapour transfer.

Product Overview

  • Superior exudate management1
  • Superior absorbency and fluid absorption1
  • Smart wicking properties to protect the peri-wound
  • Reduced frequency of dressing changes
  • Highly conformable
  • Gentle, secure adhesion

Visit the Comfi™ Range website for more information on ComfiHeal™ and dressing retention products.

Size Case Qty Product Code PIP Code
7.5cm x 7.5cm 10 CHFDR0707 385-4981
10cm x 10cm 10 CHFDR1010 385-5095
15cm x 15cm 10 CHFDR1515 385-5087
References: 1. CH001 ComfiHeal™ Performance Report, December 2013
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