New Bed Bathing Study


Study demonstrates significant savings in bed bathing practices

The results from a recent product evaluation have demonstrated significant cost and time savings as a result of a change in practice from soap and water bed bathing to a pre-packaged washcloth bathing solution.

The evaluation was conducted at Whiston Hospital (part of St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) across four Wards: Stroke, Maternity, Care of the Elderly and General Surgery.  Bed bathing using traditional soap and water practices were replaced with Oasis® Washcloths for the duration of the evaluation and the results recorded.  The results demonstrated significant time savings of 11 minutes per patient reducing the time taken to give a bed bath from 22 minutes to 11.5 minutes, almost halving the time taken.  The time savings were achieved by reducing the preparation and clear up processes pre and post bed bath whilst still allowing nurses to spend the same time with the patient.

The evaluation also measured the performance of the bed bathing washcloths along with patient and staff satisfaction.  The results demonstrated that the washcloths were highly regarded with 95.5% of those surveyed reporting that the washcloths were better than or equal to a soap and water bed bath.  

“We wanted to make cost savings and improve the efficiency of the bed bathing process at Whiston Hospital.” Said Jackie Owen, Clinical Procurement Specialist, St Helen and Knowlsey Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. “Although there was some initial apprehensive from clinical staff, we were delighted that nurses could see the clear benefits to both themselves and their patients of the Oasis® Washcloths.  As a clinical procurement specialist, it’s my role to support nursing staff with products that are effective and can deliver savings to the Trust.”

As a result of the successful evaluation, the Clinical Procurement team is supporting the uptake of Oasis® Washcloths in 11 Wards across the Trust including Orthopaedics, General Medicine, Respiratory and the Frailty Unit.  The results of the evaluation will also be presented as a poster presentation at this year’s Infection Prevention Society Annual Conference which takes place at the ACC, Liverpool, 28th-30th September. 

“Increasing pressures on the NHS to deliver savings means we must think innovatively about how we can make simple steps to improve the efficiency of daily tasks without compromising on patient care.” Said Jonathan Wogel, Managing Director, Healthcare Solutions, Synergy Health. “The results of this study show that a simple change in practice can deliver significant time savings which translate into bottom line cost savings for the Trust.  Moreover, the evaluation also demonstrated that 75% of patients actually preferred Oasis® Washcloths to a soap and water bed bath.”

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