Synergy installs solar PV system


Synergy Health installs solar PV system at UK manufacturing site

Synergy Health has had a rooftop PV system installed at the main manufacturing site in Chorley, Lancashire. 

The installation was undertaken by Kingspan Energy who installed the £600,000 solar PV system.  The PV array, which is made up of 2,416 solar panels, took five weeks to install and will generate more than 497,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity each year – on both sunny and cloudy days. It covers 4,000m² of the rooftop which, allowing for safe access, accounts for 75% of the usable area.

Shane McMahon, National Business Development Manager, Kingspan Energy said: “This is a large, 604kWp solar PV system which, in a year, will generate more than 100 times the electricity used annually by an average house in the UK.

“Synergy’s type of business means that each year, it uses around 3 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity.  Using renewable, solar PV energy means that it is generating almost a sixth of its own electricity requirements.

“One half of the system faces east and the other west, to optimise the generation of solar electricity throughout the day and all year round.”

Martyn Sutcliffe, Divisional Finance Director, Synergy Health said: “We have worked with Lancashire County Council Pension Fund and commercial property specialists Knight Frank in the commissioning and installation of this new solar PV system from Kingspan Energy.

“We're always keen to look at sustainable energy sources that are both beneficial to the environment and make good commercial sense for the business.

“As well as the significant cost-saving benefits solar PV offers us, we will also make a significant impact on our environmental footprint by offsetting almost 257,000 tonnes of C02 during the system’s 25-year lifetime.  

“The installation is efficient, ‘green’ and because it is sited on our roof, has minimal visual impact on our commercial and residential neighbours."   



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